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Driving Access to New Care Models in Digital Health

Comprehensive Solutions for Remote Patient Services and Logistics

Welcome to Medioh, where we specialize in digital health scalability solutions, assisting our customers in scaling their remote care solutions and playing a key role in shaping North America’s digital health landscape. Our services encompass comprehensive logistics, asset management, and operational support for top remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutic programs, managing everything from procurement to patient experience

Digital Health Scalability Solutions

At Medioh, our team of industry experts boasts extensive experience in developing, managing, and expanding successful remote care models across diverse sectors. We understand the critical importance of efficient logistics, medical device manufacturing, and asset management in ensuring remote care success. Specializing in digital health scalability solutions, we are keenly attuned to your challenges and stand ready to provide tailored strategies for your growth.

Trust Us with Logistics

Certified Logistics Solutions

At Medioh, we leverage our ISO certifications and FDA-certified logistics centers across North America to provide a full spectrum of services, ensuring the seamless operation and success of your programs.


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Privacy, Security, and Quality Compliance

Our logistics and patient support solutions are meticulously crafted to uphold the highest standards of privacy, security, and quality compliance. From our FDA registration as a contract manufacturer and packaging specialist to our certifications, we’ve made substantial investments to ensure secure information management.

Our solutions prioritize data security and patient privacy, ensuring full compliance with ISO 13485, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and Health Canada regulations.

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