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Internet of Health Solutions

Medioh is the turnkey logistics, asset management and operational support behind many of the largest and most successful RPM programs in North America.

Driving Rapid Scalability in Telehealth

We bridge the Service Scalability Gap

We bridge the critical service gap for health organizations adopting new models of care. This allows Medioh to deploy and manage telehealth at transformative scale, expanding the capacity of our clients and their remote care programs. Medioh partners with leading RPM vendors to deliver scalable and impactful remote health management programs for healthcare providers and major health plans across the globe.

We provide patients the technology and support to self-test for medical data. Healthcare practitioners can monitor patient data and intervene when necessary. This reduces risk of emergency, decreases frequency of ER visits, and saves costs.

Each Kit can contain the following devices, which connect to a tablet via Bluetooth:

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Tailored 360º Logistic & Support Services

We deliver a suite of IT technology and 360º Service Logistics for telehealth programs, from device management and integration to patient onboarding support. Our dedicated team of experts monitor and assist each patient with the assembly and installation of each device, and replace and prepare the kit for the next user when a patient’s program has ended. All users have 24/7 access to a team of support professionals specialized in creating compassionate patient experiences.

Privacy & Compliance Guaranteed

Medioh’s solutions are fully compliant with all FDA, ISO, HIPAA, and Canada Health requirements for data security and patient health information privacy.

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