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The modernization of healthcare is upon us.

We collaborate with leading remote patient monitoring program providers to deliver full IT technology and 360º Service Logistics for healthcare institutions.

Smart Devices. Edge. Connectivity.

We Are Internet of Health Solutions

Medioh is your IT and service partner of choice to deploy modern digital telehealth solutions. More hospitals and health organizations are developing telehealth strategies. We combine the use of IT and telecommunications to remotely monitor the health of each outpatient. This enables physicians to connect remotely with chronically ill or post-operative patients from the comfort of their home. With real-time asset and deployment reporting you will be able to monitor patient’s results instantly.

We help set up patients to self-test for their medical data so healthcare practitioners can monitor healthy, rising-risk, and high-risk patients and intervene faster when necessary. This reduces hospital visits, decreases recovery times, and saves hospitals money.

Each Kit can contain the following devices that connect to a tablet via Bluetooth:

Tablet – Bluetooth + 4G Wireless
 Pulse Oxygen Device
 Blood Pressure Device
 Glucometer Kit
 Weight Scale

We make things go round.

Tailored 360º Service Logistics.

Our full circle service includes the necessary hardware and fully integrated software for each individual kit. Our dedicated team of experts will monitor and assist each patient with the proper assembly and installation of each device and then replace and prepare the kit for the next user when it’s no longer needed. All users have around-the-clock access to a team of dedicated and knowledgeable technicians at their disposal.

Integration of Partner Solution Software with IT Assets
Custom Kit Assembly & Installation
Patient Appointment Scheduling
Service Calls, Kit Replacements & Retrievals
Web Portal (Order, Inventory & Patient Tracking)
Asset Management & Logistics
Certified Trained Technicians & Warranty Management
 North American Call Center & Dedicated 24/7/365 Support Team

Our solutions comply with current FDA, ISO, HIPAA, and Canada Health requirements for data security and patient health information privacy.

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