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Our Story

Solving the service scalability gap

Medioh champions its role as a leading provider of digital health services and operational support. We provide digital health solutions that empower health organizations to deploy telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions at a transformative scale.

Medioh’s services bridge the critical service scalability gap for healthcare institutions adopting new models of care.

This expertise has made Medioh the turnkey logistics, asset management and operational support provider behind many of the largest and most successful RPM programs in North America.

Our Mission

Medioh’s mission is to  offer  comprehensive end-to-end digital health services  and operational support  that  revolutionize the way vendors, health care providers and payers  collaborate and  deliver care to patients.

Seamless Telehealth, Rapid Scalability

Medioh is committed to making telehealth seamless for both patients and providers. We deliver impactful remote health programs for healthcare providers and major health plans across the United States and Canada.

Our expertise facilitates the rapid deployment of digital health programs, generating faster and greater ROI for healthcare organizations, and expanding coverage for patients.

Ensuring the best-connected patient experience

Through these programs, Medioh has helped its partners drive powerful health outcomes for over 100,000 patients, while developing a deep understanding of the needs of both our clients and the patients that they serve.

Supported by 3 dedicated regional logistics and distribution hub facilities, Medioh’s partners benefit from high volume-based shipping contracts and strategic geography to minimize costs and patient onboarding time.

Telehealth is more than just technology

Medioh believes that remote health is about more than technology, it’s about improving outcomes for the people we serve. 

We manage all digital health program needs, from device management and logistics to customer support, so you can focus on patient care.

Medioh is committed to the highest standard of servicing patients in the community. Our solutions are fully compliant with FDA, ISO, HIPAA and Health Canada privacy requirements.