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Achieving Transformative Scale in Telehealth

Our Vice President of Product Strategy, Martin Trepanier, discusses how Medioh enables massive scalability for large-scale digital health plans and providers.

By Martin Trepanier, Eng. PMP. CPHIMS-CA

A Universal Challenge

The demand for telehealth services is already established and far-reaching, with patients now expecting access to remote care technologies. Digital health vendors and providers are supplying innovative tools to respond to this demand, while legislative and funding improvements catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic have made virtual care a reality.

While COVID-19 accelerated the deployment and adoption of these models of care, the challenge of scalability was quickly realized. As programs matured, most healthcare providers recognized that a necessary ingredient was missing to deploy widely digital health programs.


Technology is Mature, Process and Support is Lacking

The biggest challenge in telehealth delivery is that providers, whose core mission and expertise is providing quality care, lack the necessary support and logistical structure to deploy community-based health solutions at a transformative scale.

Healthcare providers and organizations understand that to achieve real impacts, the target population for remote care must be significant and representative of the total population.

Without making these technologies “mainstream”, realizing telehealth’s promised ROI is merely virtual, and does not challenge the unsustainable growth curve trend in healthcare expenditure. If the potential of mass scalability is removed, telehealth cannot achieve the transformative impact required to impact this trend.

It is also critical when it comes to patients’ quality of life. Without widespread access to remote patient monitoring and other telehealth services, patients instead rely on traditional and sporadic models of care. Unfortunately, we know now that this approach is financially and practically unsustainable, resulting in preventable health complications, costly outcomes for health systems and lowered quality of life for patients.

Telehealth provides a clear solution to this challenge, and has been proven to reduce health risk, while simultaneously lowering cost spent per patient. This efficient model of care eases strains on overburdened healthcare systems and decreases the deficit in financial and clinical resources. 

In light of this fact, solution providers have developed efficient technologies and innovations to create access to care where it’s needed most, at home. Healthcare organizations must now simultaneously maintain their focus on care, while implementing innovative programs to bridge the needs of the patient population.

By doing so, health systems will not only challenge the unsustainable cost inflation of healthcare expenditure, but can actually stop and reverse it.


The Missing ingredient

Medioh, provider of operational support for some of the largest digital health programs, has decades of expertise that facilitates rapid, large-scale deployment of telehealth programs. After years of working with solution providers, investing in research, development, and quality control, Medioh now has an unprecedented capacity in scaling digital health.

These services are customizable to the unique needs of each digital program, which has made Medioh the partner of choice for health systems, payers, and provider organizations.

Medioh’s success lies in its ability to support health organizations in deploying technology seamlessly, directly within patient homes. Medioh achieves this by managing and improving patient experience with telehealth technologies, while clinicians focus on providing quality care.


The Highest Standard of Quality

Achieving transformative scale in remote care requires a Quality Management System (QMS) that can be adapted for thousands to hundreds of thousands of patients. This is why Medioh has invested so much of its focus into designing its QMS to be completely aligned with the standard of medical devices. Medioh ensures that services and processes flow seamlessly, and that every patient has the safest, most consistent connected-care experience.

Medioh facilitates all steps within the quality, conformance, support, and logistical workflow of telehealth programs, from secure asset procurement and management to patient onboarding and support. These services remove barriers to technological and logistical support and manage medical devices throughout the entire patient journey and device life cycle for solution providers.

When partnered with innovative health organizations, Medioh’s services provide the missing ingredient that allows for fluid and massive deployment of remote care. Medioh’s proprietary logistics platform facilitates this seamless process, and supports all operations and quality requirements, so that quality is never sacrificed at the expanse of volume.


Strategically Positioned to Enable Mainstream Scale

With multiple dedicated regional logistics, operations, and distribution facilities, Medioh is also uniquely positioned to provide coast-to-coast coverage that minimizes costs and patient onboarding times.


Building the Future of Healthcare

Without end-to-end logistical, device, and customer support services, health plans and providers simply can’t reap the full financial benefit that telehealth can offer, not to mention the benefit to patient quality of life and satisfaction.

Health organizations and solution providers understand that telehealth is no longer a choice; it is a necessary evolution in care that must occur to meet the needs of the growing patient population.


Learn more about how Medioh is already making telehealth happen at transformative scale for solution providers and health plans, and how providers like you can join us in building the future of healthcare provision.

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