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Help us advance telehealth for millions of people across the globe. Explore careers today.

Visible Values

We know that a great team is one with a diversity of experience, backgrounds, and perspectives. All of these factors contribute to us making connected health happen at transformative scale.

Medioh is more than technology, it’s about people; the people our technology serves, the people our services help, and the people on our team that make it all possible.


Why Choose Medioh?


Our culture & values set us apart. We believe empowering employees leads to the best results for everyone.


We offer competitive benefits & flexible hours because we know that life doesn’t stop when work starts. 


We know that to achieve success, team members need meaningful and enriching work experiences.

Social Responsibility

Every company wants to make an impact. We want ours to be a good one.

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A Day at Medioh

Step inside our facilities in Arizona, Indianapolis, and Canada to see how our team makes digital health happen at transformative scale.

Culture & Values

Our culture and values set us apart. We believe empowering employees leads to the best results for everyone. We use these values to guide everything we do at Medioh, from our products and services to how we engage with each other in making it all possible. 


Innovation fuels the fast, flexible approach we take to advancing new models of care. We incessantly pursue new ways of doing so that we, and our clients, can make even more possible. This dedication allows us to create products and services that innovatively respond to industry challenges, opening new doors for our partners and clients. 

Customer Focus

When it comes to delivering quality care in the community, there is no success without client satisfaction. We believe that the only way to achieve great things in digital health is to deliver great service. We pride ourselves on vigorously earning and keeping our customers’ trust, by solving their challenges every step of the way. 

Integrity & Trust

Authenticity and transparency are critical factors in our success, especially in the context of digital care delivery. We are conscious of how our behavior, words, and work impact those around us. We are dedicated to making decisions based on what is right, for the business, for our employees, and for our clients. 


We believe that by empowering our employees to think like entrepreneurs, unparalleled creativity and innovation arises. Through this value, we acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions and decisions. Everything we do is to improve the business and our team. “Not my job” is not in our vocabulary. 


We value and admire our employees as much as we do our customers. Each person has a story and experiences we can learn from. We are always mindful of our behavior, language, and tone. While we might not always agree, we can leave each interaction feeling heard and listened to, and approach challenges with mutual respect. 


We know that communication is key in enhancing teamwork and the achievement of common objectives for the company and our clients. We are committed to act in transparency, and to maintain timely and productive flows of information that support staff in successfully executing company goals and objectives. 


When it comes to improving quality of life, this value extends to all aspects of Medioh’s business, our valued employees included. This is why Medioh offers competitive benefits and flexible work hours, because we know that life doesn’t stop when work starts. 

At Medioh, our employees benefit from a fulfilling career path and a compassionate corporate culture. Join us in building the future of healthcare, and find out more about what we can offer you beyond a rewarding career path!


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From our company culture and job opportunities to our incredible employee achievements, you can explore the full Medioh experience by visiting the links below!

Social Responsibility

Every company has an impact, we want ours to be a good one. Explore our various initiatives aimed at making both our company, and world, a better place to be.

Saving the Bees

Meet Project Alvéole, Medioh's exponentially growing beehive initiative, with over 67,500 residents (bees). Contrary to what many believe, cities are actually a great place for bees due to strict anti-pesticide laws, untapped floral diversity, and largely unused rooftop space. All honey-based products derived from our hives are given back to our employees.


Medioh's environmental management system is compliant and certified under the international ISO standards. Our products are registered under TCO & EPEAT (Green Electronics Council), and use international requirements to collect, calculate and report relevant environmental information. Our headquarters is also BOMA BEST® Gold certified, for its highly sustainable building infrastructure.

Local Economies

We believe in leaving a positive impact, wherever we go. That's why we invest in local economies, suppliers, and procurement opportunities wherever our locations exist. We want to give back to the communities and people who make everything we do possible, and work with local vendors, creators, and talent to do so.

Diversity & Inclusion

Being authentic is a super power. We believe in accepting and supporting the individual identities, perspectives, and experiences that enable us to continuously innovate our offerings. With locations across North America, Medioh is proud, and fiercely supportive of the many identities, cultures, and ways of thinking that allow our team members to come together to achieve great things.

Equal Opportunity

Medioh is an equal-opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, genetic information, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran's status, and any other applicable legally protected characteristics. We encourage anyone to apply to be a part of our team, regardless of identity or background.

Other Initiatives

We are always looking for new ways of doing, and consistently innovate our practices to take concrete, daily steps towards improving ourselves as a company and culture. We proudly champion any new and employee-led initiatives or improvements that can help us in reaching that goal.

Together we can do a lot.

1M+ Patient Kits

Medioh’s annual patient health kit processing capacity, helping programs reach transformative scale.

4 Unique Locations

Medioh operates in the USA and Canada. Our locations include Phoenix, Indianapolis, Montreal, and Toronto.

10+ Years of Expertise

For over a decade, we’ve helped clients across North America scale the delivery of new, improved models of care.

600+ Employees

We have over 600 employees worldwide and growing. Join our incredible team in making digital health happen!