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Career Fair

Join us at our Career Fair to learn about our exciting career opportunities!

Be a part of a team who takes pride in bridging the gaps between technology and human connections to enhance the trust and intimacy of patient care.


May 17 – 18, 2021
(8 am – 3 pm)


1570 Perry Road
Plainfield, IN


Jobs openings for all skillsets

Interested in a career at Medioh?

At Medioh, we are about more than just business and technology, we are about the people. The people we reach, the people we help, and the people we work with. As leaders in remote healthcare we pride ourselves in making strong human connections.

Here you will have a chance to grow your career while helping to develop the connections between patients and their physicians, and taking care beyond the traditional walls of healthcare and health monitoring.

Medioh’s customized approach is bridging the gaps between technology and strong human connections to enhance the trust and intimacy of patient care.

Medioh is proof that a patient-first approach benefits everyone involved.

Teamwork begins with you. Check out our job opportunities below.