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Career Fair

Join us at our Career Fair to learn about our exciting career opportunities!

Be a part of a team who takes pride in bridging the gaps between technology and human connections to enhance the trust and intimacy of patient care.


May 17 – 18, 2021
(8 am – 3 pm)


1570 Perry Road
Plainfield, IN


Jobs openings for all skillsets including warehouse associates, call center agents, and more!

Help us advance telehealth for millions of people across the globe. 
Explore careers today.

Medioh is about more than technology, it’s about people; the people our technology serves, the people our services help, and the people on our team that make it all possible.

As leaders in remote health technology, we pride ourselves on building meaningful human connections.

Medioh’s customized approach bridges the service gap between technology and patients, enhancing the quality of remote care experiences.

Join us in building the future of telehealth.

Find out more about Medioh, and the careers we have available today at the link below.