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Digital Health has gone mainstream, but how do we safely keep track at scale?

Innovative tracking solutions designed by logistical experts are helping providers seamlessly serve millions of patients from a distance.

By Toni Ellis, Director of Quality – Medioh

Device Tracking (DHR)

With digital health program growth exploding around the world, how can providers safely keep track of the countless devices and assets that make their programs possible? As more patients access care from home, so come greater logistical challenges in deploying these solutions at transformative patient volumes.

It is no easy task to implement digital health solutions that can be successfully and sustainably scaled, while also remaining compliant with federal regulations (FDA) and international standards (ISO13485).

Leading providers are tackling this challenge by strategically partnering with logistics and technology experts. These scalability partners implement innovative device management and tracking solutions to seamlessly deliver quality care to millions of patients.

How It’s Made

To make safe, effective remote care possible, providers must manage the logistics, functionality, and usage of each digital health device used by each patient in a program. This includes identifying and controlling any risks related to device functionality,  patient usage, or the security of protected health information (PHI), as well as managing the physical logistics of getting these technologies to (and from) patient doorsteps.

Whether a solution serves hundreds of patients or hundreds of thousands, the status of all medical technologies used to provide care must be consistently tracked and carefully managed.

RPM Device Lifecycle

A Million Miles a Minute

When scaling these new models of care to transformative patient volumes, the logistics of deploying these solutions present unique challenges for providers and health systems.

Millions of devices and parts must now be accounted for, all existing outside of the four walls of traditional healthcare settings. What’s more, the devices used to provide this remote care must still meet the same quality standards as those used in physical settings.

How can healthcare organizations keep up with these additional layers of service in delivering care remotely, without losing focus on patients?

Mission Possible

Healthcare organizations have a simple mission, to provide care and manage health, not technology. Whether patients are accessing this care from a hospital setting or from the comfort of their own homes, providers must still maintain this focus to effectively improve patient outcomes.  

These providers need remote care device management solutions that can keep up with their patients, and that ensure support is always available in navigating common remote care challenges.  

To make this form of care possible at a scale that will solve our communities’ biggest healthcare problems, leading providers are enlisting logistics and technology partners to ensure functionality, risk, and experience are never sacrificed as more patients access care remotely.

Supporting Scale

From the moment a care technology is manufactured, calibrated, and delivered to a patient, to the end of a program and asset refurbishment, these support partners ensure each activity performed on or by a device is tracked and recorded.

With so many datapoints to collect, audit, and act upon outside of the physical reach of providers, these experts create fluid, streamlined program workflows, securely communicating with vendors and providers via API.

This allows for an entire Device History Record (DHR) to be created and maintained for every single asset and component within a program. This capacity ensures security, patient safety, and compliance with HIPAA, FDA, ISO13485, and all federal and local health regulations, from the beginning to end of a patient’s program.

Logistical and operational support experts, like Medioh, help digital health solutions and programs keep up with their patients by ensuring safe, seamless, and supportive remote care experiences.

We manage medical assets through our deliberately designed Quality Management System (QMS) and logistical workflow platform, FLOW. Our solutions are designed to agnostically support the scalability of digital health, RPM, wellness, and other remote care solutions, regardless of device or vendor.

From activation and onboarding to trouble-shooting and device replacements, we support our partners in the technological needs of their patients as care is conducted from a distance, all in our shared mission to improve access to quality care.

Find out more about Medioh’s comprehensive Digital Health Scalability & Asset Management Solutions.

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