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360º Logistics & Operational Services

Medioh offers end-to-end digital health services and operational support that revolutionize the way vendors, health care providers and payers are able to deliver care to patients.

End-to-end Services and Support

Inventory Management

Our meticulous approach to inventory management begins with the reception of essential components. Upon inventory arrival, our dedicated team conducts thorough incoming inspections. This critical step guarantees that all components meet the highest quality standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring the integrity of the assets. Medioh manages your assets from receiving to deployment, returns, and disposal.


In our comprehensive kitting process, we surpass mere assembly by making regulatory compliance central to our activities. This includes compliant device labeling, including Unique Device Identifier (UDI) labels. Our expert team not only assembles but also configures and pairs devices, ensuring they are prepared for immediate deployment. We take pride in being device and application agnostic, accommodating various devices seamlessly within our kitting assemblies. Our custom workflow management tool goes beyond efficient organization; it captures essential data required by the FDA, enhancing compliance and reporting capabilities. Furthermore, our workflow management tool is designed for seamless integration with your systems through our system integration services, facilitating effortless data transfer and coordination, all while maintaining the utmost commitment to data security and operational efficiency.

Kit Inspection

Before deployment, each kit undergoes a meticulous inspection process. This step ensures that all components are compliant to the kit requirements and that the kit is fully functional, ready to deliver exceptional value.

Contact Center for Patient Outreach, Installs, Tech Support, Retrieval Calls

Our contact center serves as the central hub for patient engagement. From initial outreach and installation to ongoing tech support and retrieval calls, we provide a seamless and supportive experience for patients throughout their journey.

Replacement of Devices in the Field

In cases requiring device replacement, we execute swift and efficient processes, minimizing disruptions to your program while ensuring continuous service excellence.

Kit Dismantling Upon Return to Facility, Including Testing and Disinfection

Upon the return of kits, our team meticulously dismantles and inspects each component. Rigorous testing and disinfection protocols are applied, preparing assets for future deployments.

Device Selection and Supply chain Management

We source reliable and cost-competitive medical devices, IT hardware, and consumables. With our global presence, we provide a competitive advantage in sourcing components. We are brand agnostic and can adapt to program requirements. Our ISO 13485 compliant quality management system ensures compliance during the vendor selection process.

Medioh can support your needs as they scale, ramping up or down as needed by your organization.

Secure asset management is at the heart of our operations. With our tailored workflow management system, we empower our customers with the assurance that their program’s assets are fully optimized.

Robust Tracking Platform

Our advanced asset management platform ensures all systems and hardware are delivered on time and to the right place. Our platform securely integrates the source of the technology and your database of patients with Medioh’s partner shipping systems. Our solutions are agnostic and integrate with any existing platforms and technology our clients may use.

Security & Certifications

All patient information is safely encrypted and automatically transmitted wirelessly to care providers, without the need to store it on any device. Medioh and its certified team of quality experts adhere to the highest industry standards of healthcare security. Our Internet of Health (IoH) services and solutions comply with all FDA, ISO, HIPAA, Health Canada, and OSHO requirements.

Data-Driven Reporting

With an ever-increasing number of assets and portfolio holdings across wide geographies, Medioh provides extensive data reporting to help you streamline and control the management of your remote patient monitoring assets.

Complaints Management

Medioh can support complaints management of devices in the field. Our Quality team can review the complaints and tag for specific actions based on your requirements. This could include various levels of inspection and testing. Our flexible process can accommodate your requirements.

Complete North American Coverage

Medioh offers complete North American coverage (US & Canada) through 4 regional facilities. Medioh’s partners and clients benefit from high volume-based shipping contracts and strategic geography, to minimize patient onboarding time and cost.