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Secure Asset Management

Medioh offers a full suite of logistics for secure asset management.

Making Digital Health Scalable

Medioh’s services include procurement, financing, kitting, integration, reprocessing, and all other needs related to device management and logistics.

We also ensure each patient is fully onboarded with their devices, and that they are confident in correctly using their medical assets.

Robust Tracking Platform

Our advanced asset management platform ensures all systems and hardware are delivered on time and to the right place. Our platform securely integrates the source of the technology and your database of patients with Medioh’s partner shipping systems. Our solutions are agnostic and integrate with any existing platforms and technology our clients may use.

Security & Certifications

All patient information is safely encrypted and automatically transmitted wirelessly to care providers, without the need to store it on any device. Medioh and its certified team of quality experts adhere to the highest industry standards of healthcare security. Our Internet of Health (IoH) services and solutions comply with all FDA, ISO, HIPAA, Health Canada, and OSHO requirements.

Data-driven reporting

With an ever-increasing number of assets and portfolio holdings across wide geographies, Medioh provides extensive data reporting to help you streamline and control the management of your remote patient monitoring assets.