The evolution of Telehealth

Telehealth has redefined the in-clinic/in-hospital visit. Eliminating unnecessary travel and steep clinic costs, telehealth has been around for decades for physicians to monitor and ensure patient health from a distance, reducing hospital occupancy levels and costs. 

This creates patient independence, data transparency, and a sense of security for patients to have an influence on their own well-being through data ownership.

Solving the service scalability gap

Telehealth is experiencing tremendous growth especially during a time of global pandemic threats. The demand for more patients to communicate and self-monitor their vitals remotely has become more a must-have rather than a nice-to-have service. 


Medioh evolves with Telehealth demand

Medioh recognized nearly a decade ago there was a potential service gap between telehealth application providers and their end clients of the healthcare institutions and insurers.     

It all started with telehealth projects that required our procurement expertise of IT technology assets and the integration of partner software solutions. This then extended to sourcing and packaging an assortment of Bluetooth-enabled medical devices to collect data to send wirelessly via 4G-enabled IT assets.

Rapid expansion with professional services

As demand for remote healthcare solutions dramatically increased, notably in the US, Medioh responded in kind. 

By scaling up its professional services and facility capabilities, the Medioh team can provide highly flexible customized telehealth services for projects that need to rapidly and massively scale in any North American health region. 

This is the modernization of healthcare and bridges the critical service scalability gap to make telehealth a reality wherever it is needed.

Healthcare is more than just data

We believe that remote health is more than data collection and transmission. It is also about the people they serve. 

It is about trust, care, and giving patients more control over their own health and recovery.