The evolution of Telehealth

Digital health has become essential over the past few years; rapidly accelerating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Legislative and funding improvements catalyzed by the virus pandemic fueled changes in the role of virtual care and created increased demand for community-based connected health.

Solving the service scalability gap

Medioh champions its role as a leading provider of digital health services and operational support. Medioh empowers healthcare providers, home health agencies and insurers to deploy telehealth and remote monitoring solutions easily and at a transformative scale.

Medioh expertise facilitates a rapid deployment, generating faster and greater ROI for healthcare organizations.

Medioh is a chosen key logistics, equipment and services provider for many of the largest and most innovative health care industry players in both Canada and the United States.

Medioh evolves with Telehealth demand

Medioh’s range of services for the digital health industry bridges the critical service scalability gap among healthcare institutions, health plans and digital health solution vendors. For more than eight years Medioh has quietly been the driving force behind the launch, support and acceleration of many of North America’s largest digital health success stories.

Through these programs, we have helped our partners drive powerful health outcomes for over 100,000 patients, while developing a deep understanding of the needs of both our partners and the patients that they serve.

Our telehealth monitoring services allow the use of IT and telecommunications to remotely monitor the health of patients in their homes. We provide essential services that allow patients to self monitor, enabling healthcare practitioners to manage patients remotely, thereby reducing hospital visits and facilitating the at home recovery from chronically ill or post-operative patients. 

Our services provide the benefit of helping to limit the propagation of viruses in the case of Covid-19, by minimizing the required patient/doctor contact. Additionally, by reducing required hospitalization time and number of onsite visits to the hospitals, key capacity to admit new patients is increased.

Healthcare is more than just data

We believe that remote health is more than data collection and transmission. It is also about the people they serve. 

It is about trust, care, and giving patients more control over their own health and recovery.