We take the technical issues out of the equation, filling the gap between hardware and software companies.

We provide secure patient asset management, A to Z shipping logistics and tools for both hospital systems and patients to manage the tools they need to communicate effectively with caregivers.

We are your silent partner. We are equipped to provide for an extremely high volume of patients who depend on a smooth remote patient experience with our services and support—while your patients never have to know who we are.

We do the work behind the scenes. We make telehealth happen so you can focus on healthcare.

How does Medioh help home health monitoring?

We offer optimized solutions that increase the efficiency of healthcare providers. The resources that we offer allow patients to have 24h access to experts via connected devices. We provide an end-to-end device maintenance service from delivery to recovery. Our quick turnover of integrating and packaging devices enables more patients to have access to their home care kits during their recovery or constant care needs. This reduces waiting periods and removes the risk of patients falling ill from an unnecessary hospital visit.

The Advantages of Working with Medioh
Flexible Professional Services

We offer flexible end-to-end solutions for the home healthcare industry so you can focus on your patients while we handle all the details

Rapid Scalability

Refined resource and infra deployment techniques and high-capacity facilities across NA leads to unrivaled ability to scale from pilot to mass production

Provide customized Web Portal

Secure real-time asset management and logistics web portal designed to streamline RPM program-related activities for partners and healthcare providers

24/7 Availability

You will be able to reach our expert call center team and access your personalized web portal 24/7/365. Your patients will also have complete access to this service

Asset and Deployment Reporting

We provide customized reports to simplify your day-to-day management and help streamline operations

Secure patient data

All your information is safe with us. Our solutions comply with current FDA, ISO, HIPAA, and Canada Health requirements for data security and patient health information privacy