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Our Story

Since 2012, our digital health division within the Hypertec Group has been at the forefront of digital healthcare delivery.

Leveraging our telehealth history, we advance healthcare through comprehensive logistics and operational support, improving outcomes for digital health services.

Challenges in Digital Health Adoption

In the 2000s, digital health and remote patient monitoring technology emerged, influenced by telehealth history. Challenges arose in efficiently providing devices to patients for data collection. Traditional logistics providers lack the healthcare market understanding and regulatory processes needed to support secure and compliant scalability of digital health programs.


Medioh's Digital Health Solution

As a result, Medioh, the health division within Hypertec Group, introduced an innovative solution, optimizing the movement of healthcare devices through smart logistics and scalable strategies. We seamlessly integrated these devices into digital healthcare systems while also enhancing patient engagement. This approach ensured efficiency, upheld exemplary standards, and maintained compliance at every stage.

Quality Assurance with ISO Certification

Medioh’s ISO 13485 certified quality management system ensures seamless manufacturing of kits. These kits integrate various technologies, undergo rigorous quality control, and are packaged to offer patients a smooth digital healthcare experience. Additionally, Medioh’s contact center aids patients in kit usage, facilitates device returns, and supports patient engagement, device complaint programs, and technical assistance.

Leading North American Healthcare Logistics

Medioh has become the premier provider of logistics, asset management, and operational support for North America’s most prominent digital health, remote patient monitoring, and digital therapeutics programs. Our team’s extensive industry expertise and comprehensive knowledge of telehealth history underpin this success.

Our Mission

Medioh’s mission is to offer comprehensive digital health services, transforming collaboration and care delivery by optimizing how vendors, healthcare providers, and payers work together.

Medioh Logistics Network

Benefiting from full coverage across North America and supported by global locations, our four logistics and distribution hubs in Montreal, Toronto, Indiana, and Phoenix provide partners with cost-effective shipping contracts and strategic locations for efficient delivery.

Digital Health is More Than Just Technology

Medioh believes that remote health extends beyond technology, focusing on enhancing outcomes by overseeing all facets of digital health, from logistics to customer support, enabling our customers to maintain a dedicated focus on patient care.

Our Locations

9300 Rte Transcanadienne
Montreal, Quebec
H4S 1K5
20 Falconer Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 1B1
1570 Perry Rd
Plainfield, Indiana
United States
1868 E Broadway Rd
Tempe, Arizona
United States