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360º Logistics & Operational Services

Medioh offers end-to-end digital health services and operational support that revolutionize the way vendors, health care providers and payers are able to deliver care to patients.

End-to-end Services and Support

As a leading 360º service logistics provider, we deliver a full-circle service.

From procurement and system integration to shipping, asset management and patient support, we ensure the best connected-care experience.

Turnkey Solutions

Medioh is the turnkey logistics and asset management solution behind many of the largest and most successful RPM programs in North America.

Our logistical solutions deliver remote monitoring equipment directly to your patients’ doorstep, creating ease for patients and rapid program scalability.

We collaborate with leading remote patient monitoring providers and work directly with healthcare institutions, filling the gaps in service with a customized approach.

We manage digital health deployment, so you can focus on providing quality care.

Device selection and supply chain management

We use the most reliable and cost-competitive medical devices and IT hardware available.

Our network of industry-leading technology partners, quality control specialists, and advanced device-tracking systems all deliver maximum efficiency and ensure project success.

Medioh can support your needs as they scale, ramping up or down as needed by your organization.

Remote healthcare kit devices

Care providers need to collect various medical data from patients who self-monitor, as well as provide direct links for the best connected-care experience with their care provider.

We can also brand monitoring kits to your organization based on needs.

Complete North American Coverage

Medioh offers complete North American coverage (US & Canada) through 3 regional facilities. Medioh’s partners and clients benefit from high volume-based shipping contracts and strategic geography, to minimize patient onboarding time and cost.

Telehealth Solution Kit Options