Smart devices and dependable connectivity are the cornerstones of remote patient healthcare delivery. For an optimal remote healthcare experience, patients and providers need the right technology, tools and devices to be remote-ready at the right time.

We make sure healthcare providers stay focused on what they know best, while Medioh takes care of the rest on the back end. We offer remote healthcare software providers and health institutions the latest in hardware technologies and comprehensive logistics support.

As a leading 360º service logistics provider, we deliver a full-circle service. Combining our extensive knowledge of procurement, system integration, shipping, we provide leading-edge health IoT device logistics, reliable connectivity, asset management, and patient support, ensuring for optimal care.

We collaborate with leading remote patient monitoring providers and work directly with healthcare institutions, filling the gaps in service with customized solutions.

Medioh builds the links between you and your patients. We are here for you to complete the 360-delivery circle for seamless telehealth access.

Medioh makes remote healthcare happen.

Device selection and supply chain management

Our experts provide extensive experience in selecting the most reliable and cost-competitive medical devices and IT hardware. 

Our network of industry-leading technology partners, quality control, and advanced device-tracking systems all deliver maximum efficiency and ensure project success.  

Medioh can support your needs as they scale, ramping up or down as needed by your organization.


Remote healthcare kit devices

Care providers need to collect various medical data from patients who self-monitor, as well as provide direct links for the best “webside” experience with their care provider. 

We also private label monitoring kits depending on your specific needs.

Telehealth Solution Kit Options