We keep track of your hardware and devices before, during, and after being used by your patients.

This also means ensuring each and every patient is properly set up and follows all the steps to keep devices charged and have no issues with any Bluetooth connections. We make sure anything technical is truly a stress-free telehealth experience.

Robust Tracking Platform

Our advanced asset management platform ensures all systems and hardware are delivered on time and to the right place. Our platform securely integrates the source of the technology, your database of patients, and integrates with Medioh partner shipping systems. We track each kit, each device, for each project, for every telehealth client.

Security and Certifications

All patient information is safely encrypted and automatically transmitted wirelessly to care providers without the need to store it on any device. Medioh and its certified team of experts adhere to all the highest standards of healthcare security. Our Internet of Health (IoH) services and solutions comply with all FDA, ISO, HIPAA and OSHO requirements.

Data-driven reporting

With an ever-increasing number of assets and portfolio holdings, across wide geographies, Medioh provides extensive data reporting to help you streamline and control the management of your remote patient monitoring assets.