Asset Management and Software Solution Integration

Medioh specializes in sourcing, tagging and tracking large quantities of IT and medical devices that alleviates the cost burdens to build up a back-end support infrastructure. This typically also involves the integration of partner telehealth software solutions and packaging and shipping a high volume of customized kits.

Responsive Call Center Team

Once delivered, we make sure patients are ready to roll within minutes of receiving their kit. Our dedicated team of Call Center device experts follow up with patients to ensure each kit is received in good order and, if needed, assist with device set-up. We are there for patients every step of the way so that provider remain focused on health—not IT and communications technologies.

Recovery and Cleaning Management

Whether your patient has accidently damaged a device or no longer requires the device, or is switching to in-person care, Medioh takes care of the collection, cleaning and reprocessing of your healthcare kits. We are flexible to your needs. Ask our customer support care team how we can best support your organization’s needs.